Please Vote Yes to Term Limit Question And No To Henyard’s Tax Increase

Hello Calumet City Residents, this Mayor Jones.

I realize that you’ve been bombarded with phone calls and text messages from the current appointed Thornton Township Supervisor, Tiffany Henyard. Ms. Henyard is attempting to raise our taxes dramatically by way of referendum which will be placed on the ballot on April 4th. Due to my public opposition to her attempts to raise taxes on we the taxpayers, she is now attempting to steer you in the wrong direction as it relates to term limits in Calumet City.

This is only because I’ve stood up against her with her blatant irresponsible tax increase. I urge you to vote yes for term limits but I also urge you to vote no on the question concerning the whopping $20,000 tax increase for Thornton Township.

Thank you for your support.

Mayor Thaddeus Jones