Rep Thaddeus Jones works with Gov Pritzker to secure $10 million in local property tax relief

Calumet City – Today, State Representative Thaddeus Jones announced 10 million in grants for district 29 schools. Rep Jones also expressed his thanks to Governor JB Pritzker with whom he worked in securing the funds.

The Property Tax Relief Grant is designed to provide financial relief for school districts that are heavily taxed, and to help level the playing field for those districts. This funding will reduce the property tax burden on many homeowners in the Calumet City, South Holland, Thornton and other areas of Rep Jones legislative district. The allocation includes:

Ford Heights – $201,254.00
School District 149 – $937,688.00
School District 205 -$3,244.328.00
TF North – $1,749,223.00
SD 149 – $1,424.343.00

“Taking solid steps to reduce the burden on hard working families in my district is something of fundamental importance to me. I will always continue to fight for families and small businesses,” said Representative Jones. “I sincerely appreciate working with Governor Pritzker to bring this relief to my community.”