Thaddeus Jones Files to Run for Mayor of Calumet City

On Monday, former four-term Calumet City Alderman Thaddeus M. Jones officially kicked off his run for Mayor of Calumet City, Illinois.

Thaddeus, who collected over 3500 signatures, was accompanied by his family and numerous supporters filed the necessary paperwork at the Calumet City Municipal Building.

The Jones vision for River Oaks is just one part of a Five Point Plan for re-imagining Calumet City, including:

  • A long-term investment in economic development
  • Jobs for residents and rebuild small businesses
  • Reduce crime by putting officers on the streets and bikes in our community
  • Requiring officers to do laser-focus on safe & secure neighborhoods
  • Partnerships with local developers to encourage new housing stock
  • Leverage State and federal monies to rebuild our City infrastructure of streets, sewers and our water system
  • Build a state of the art community recreation center

One of Thaddeus’s top priorities is rebuilding River Oaks Mall and making it a destination entertainment location.

River Oaks mall was once a thriving mall with great stores that was packed with people. The mall even had a theatre for families to enjoy. Now, because of the Mayor’s lack of involvement and dedication to River Oaks Mall, the mall is half empty and on the verge on closing!Calumet City cannot afford for the mall to close.

Thaddeus knows that the future of Calumet City rest with us working together to builda stronger, safer and environmentally friendly mall that attracts customers and makes River Oaks mall a destination place to visit.

Thaddeus intends to work with the mall owner, developers, unions, residents and the NEW 7th Ward Alderman to rebuild and rebrand River oaks Mall into a destination location.

We can accomplish this together-we just need to imagine a better River Oaks Mall and Thaddeus Jones as Mayor of Calumet City.